Would you like a Communicative Language Workshop at SBL or ETS 2012?

Teachers who apply communicative language to a classrom run up against challenges and questions about ways to handle many details in language teaching. Are their any issues that might be demonstrated, tried out, or receive group advice for applying communicative language teaching to an ancient language classroom?

For example, if there were sufficient collective interest on a particular aspect of language teaching, we might work together in a two and one-half hour workshop session. This might provide some significant time for a cross-fertilization of ideas on setting up efficient contexts for a particular item. Work could be done in realtime with immediate trials of some of the ideas.

We would like to hear from teachers what they might like to work on if we had a 150 minute workshop slot at an annual meeting. Specific suggestions for workshop items may be placed on this blog as comments. Let us find ways to help each other. We would like to hear if there are any recurring, widely felt issues out there that would make a helpful ALBL workshop session.

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