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We’ve improved our already successful beginner’s courses in Hebrew and Greek and made them available online, for an even more efficient – and we think more fun – learning experience.  And for a limited time, enjoy a special discounted launch price.

A Method that Works for Anybody

BLC’s “Living Biblical Languages” approach incorporates best practices for language learning, making learning Hebrew and Greek easier, more efficient, and accessible to all ages. See WHY IT WORKS and read WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING.

Biblical Hebrew & Koine Greek
Pedagogy and Fluency Workshops
June 1–10, 2020
Fresno Pacific Univ. (Fresno, CA)

These workshops offer an unparalleled opportunity to improve the use of Communicative Language Teaching approaches, with special attention given to recent and forthcoming materials from the Biblical Language Center: a newly reworked first-year online biblical Hebrew curriculum that comes with an integrated teacher’s manual, and a completely new first-year online Koine Greek curriculum.

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Biblical Hebrew in Israel
June 29–July 24, 2020

As in years past, BLC is excited to offer its four-week immersion course, Beginning Biblical Hebrew: “Jonah,” to be held in Israel this summer (2020). Join us for an immersive and intensive experience learning and communicating in biblical Hebrew.

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