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Israel Summer Session 2017 Dates (Tentative)

19 June to 14 July  — Beginning Biblical Hebrew

17 July to 11 August — Intermediate Biblical Hebrew

Note: These dates are tentative.  Once they are confirmed, we will open the classes up for registration.

NEW for 2017: we are excited to share that for the first time, BLC will be offering an Intermediate Biblical Hebrew course that covers an entire second year of biblical Hebrew.  Students will thus be able to get up to 12 units of undergraduate or graduate biblical Hebrew credits (=Continuing Education Units): 6 units of Beginning and 6 units of Intermediate biblical Hebrew.

Online Courses Now Available

Now you can learn the biblical languages with BLC’s unique LIving Biblical Languages approach online.  The online modules have all of the content of the Living Biblical Hebrew or Living Koine Greek Introduction Part One curriculum, but with numerous enhancements to make learning even easier and more efficient.  And for a limited time, enjoy a discounted launch price! More Info

New: Upgraded Website

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