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A New Website! 2017-06-12T21:31:13+00:00

After almost a decade at biblicalulpan.org, the Biblical Language Center is getting a new domain name and a totally new website.  As we mark this milestone, a big thanks is in order to Bruce Okema who got us onto the web in the first place, and then volunteered countless hours to keep the site running and updated.  Thank you, Bruce, for all your work and encouragement, for believing like us that it is possible for anyone to learn the biblical languages (and to have fun at it), and pushing us to be and do more than what we were.

As for the new website, here are a few of its improvements and upgrades:

  • Easier to remember!  Though “ulpan” (in “biblicalulpan.org) is a well-known term in Israel where we have been running our programs and developing our courses, we think it is easier for people to remember us by our actual name: Biblical Language Center.  Simply add “.com” and you’re there.
  • Easy navigation: a simple menu with drop-down options that gets you pretty much anywhere on our site, no matter which page you may be on.
  • A home page that highlights the Biblical Language Center’s latest news and promotions.
  • A one-stop for all things related to the Biblical Language Center.  Whether it be updates on our programs and products, reading Randall Buth’s latest thoughts about the Bible and biblical languages on his blog, or purchasing your next course – it’s all here.
  • An improved shopping cart.
  • Easy links to the Biblical Language Center’s Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • The possibility to stay current with email sign-up or RSS feeds.
  • New content!  Some of the pages may still say “under construction” when you click on them, but at least you can already get a glimpse of what is coming.  And even after we get those pages finished, we will be continuing to add more, so keep checking back regularly, and sign up for our updates.

One thing, though, has not changed: our commitment to making the Living Biblical Languages method the most efficient biblical language program out there.  We’re still about making the biblical languages as accessible (and fun!) to anyone who wishes to learn them, regardless of background, education, age…