June 2020




In an effort to assist instructors looking to use BLC’s biblical Hebrew or Koine Greek curriculum in their classrooms or online, this summer we will be hosting two one-day long webinars, through live video-conferencing.  These webinars will provide orientation and guidelines on how to maximize the curricula’s effectiveness by implementing best practices from the field of Second Language Acquisition, thereby tapping into students’ God-given ability to learn languages.

The webinars will be especially useful for instructors planning on adopting a BLC curriculum for the first time.  Even those simply wishing to learn more about what BLC’s curricula have to offer are encouraged to participate.

It is likewise recommended for all instructors already using a BLC curriculum who have not already attended one of BLC’s Pedagogy Workshops.  Over the last couple years, we have significantly revised our Living Biblical Hebrew curriculum, and this fall we plan to launch an all new Living Koine Greek curriculum.  These one-day workshops provide a wonderful opportunity to learn what these new developments have to offer, and learn how they can help you better meet the learning goals of your students.

The webinars will be led by a team of BLC instructors who not only have years of experience using the materials both online and in the classroom, but who are part of BLC’s curriculum design team. They will explain how principles from the field of Second Language Acquisition provide the pedagogical foundations for the materials, and will share from experience how best to implement these in a classroom or online environment so as to maximize student learning.  A Q&A time will give you the opportunity to ask them questions relating specifically to your teaching context.


Koine Greek: Monday June 8, 10AM–5PM (ET)

Biblical Hebrew: Friday June 12, 10AM–5PM (ET)


Schedule (all times ET):

10:00–11:00AM:     Welcome and principles of Second Language Acquisition

11:00AM–12:00PM    Introduction and orientation to the curriculum (part 1)

12:00–12:30PM:    Break #1

12:30–2:30PM :     Orientation to the curriculum (part 2)

2:30–3:00PM:        Break #2

3:00–5:00PM:        Wrap-up and Q&A time.


Cost: $25  (Pay using the button below, and then fill out and submit the registration form)


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Webinar Facilitators:

Brian Schultz (PhD) is associate professor of Biblical Studies at Fresno Pacific University.  For over a decade he has been using BLC’s curriculum to teach Hebrew at FPU, which has resulted in nearly tripling enrollment in the Hebrew classes and launching a minor in Biblical Hebrew Language and Literature.  He led the effort of expanding and bringing BLC’s Living Biblical Hebrew: Foundations and Jonah (Beta) curricula online, and is co-author of Living Biblical Hebrew: An Instructor’s Manual.


Scott McQuinn (MA) is a doctoral student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His MA thesis was on the topic of Ancient Language Acquisition, where he applied the principles of Second Language Acquisition to the teaching of biblical languages.  He has years of experience teaching with BLC, and is lead instructor for BLC’s Live Video Courses in both Hebrew and Greek.  He is co-author of Living Biblical Hebrew: An Instructor’s Manual and BLC’s new Living Koine Greek: An Introduction.


Benjamin Kantor (PhD) is a research associate at the University of Cambridge working on the forthcoming Oxford Grammar of Biblical Hebrew.  One of his passions is the promulgation of Koine Greek as an aural/oral language which he does through his website, and by speaking Koine Greek to his two year old son.  He is co-author of BLC’s new Living Koine Greek: An Introduction and Living Biblical Hebrew: An Instructor’s Manual.