This online resource, Living Biblical Hebrew: Jonah (beta), produced by Biblical Language Center, has been chosen by your instructor to supplement your Hebrew learning. We think this is our best learning platform to date, with additional content over what is available in the hard copy and downloadable versions of LBH2, on which it is based.

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Think of this online course as a “textbook replacement.”  Instead of doing homework or in-class drills using the hardcopy or MP4 version of Living Biblical Hebrew – Introduction Part 2, you can simply do it online.

The Living Biblical Languages curriculum is an approach to learning the biblical languages in a way that fits the way the brain is wired to learn languages.  Right from the beginning it immerses the student in the language to make it more effective and enjoyable, with phenomenal sticking power.  This immersion in the language, that bypasses the need for translation into the student’s mother tongue, provides the necessary foundation for fluent reading of the Bible.

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Note: This is a beta release of the Biblical Language Center online materials.  They utilize the Moodle platform but do not yet work on Moodle’s mobile app.  The courses work best on computer screens, not yet on mobile devices, though we are working to resolve that.  In spite of all our testing, there may still be small glitches.  Thank you for your patience as we customize the Moodle platform to best meet the needs of this material.  Due to software constraints, for this free desk copy you will be registered as a student, so you will not have access to the grade book and other teacher-features that would be available should we provide you with this course specifically for your class.  We used Moodle as the underlying Learning Management Software, so if you are familiar with Moodle, you will have the same controls and flexibility as you are already accustomed to.  However, neither you nor your students need to be familiar with Moodle to use the course as it is currently configured.