GRK101B – Beginning Koiné Greek, Level B (2021001M1900)

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Beg. Koiné Greek, Level B
4 January – 12 April 2021
Mondays, 7:00–8:00pm Eastern Time

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The online resource, produced by Biblical Language Center, is used by our instructors to supplement your Greek learning in GRK101B.

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Prerequisite: GRK101A

Greek will be used for at least 90 percent of all communication that takes place, which will increase in complexity as the course progresses. Learners will describe pictures, express ideas, read and discuss texts, and ask one another questions in order to obtain information, all with a focus on immediate comprehension in Greek, and not via translation. This forces learners to think in the language, building the necessary foundation for fluent reading. Between the homework and the live classes, learners will continue to develop understanding of the foundational elements of the language, including singular and plural nouns in all four cases, adjectives, present indicative verbs (both active and middle/passive), aorist indicative, imperative, and number/gender/case concord.

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