Randall Buth

Selected Readings with 500 Friends (available either via download or in print with accompanying CD)

Coil-bound paperback: 191 pages
ISBN-10: 965-7352-04-5
ISBN-13: 978-965-7352-04-5
Product dimensions: 8.5 x 11 x 0.75 inches
Audio: about 3 hours

Selected Readings helps you take the next step in your Biblical Hebrew journey.  It is designed to internalize the language further by exposing the student to longer passages of the Hebrew Bible so as to increase the student’s reading speed and ease the transition to a fluent reading of the Hebrew Bible.

It begins with a helpful review of the 500 most common words in the Hebrew Bible, such as is not found in any other lexical aid.  Not only is an English gloss provided for each word, but the various forms that are necessary for internalization are also given, accompanied by quotations from the Bible as examples of the word’s actual usage in context.  Footnotes throughout the rest of the book provide much the same for all the words not among these “500 friends.”

Well-known Israeli newscaster, Yitzhak Eitan, and radio host, Michal Shmueli read the selections of Creation (Gen 1:1-2:3), Sinai (Ex 19:1-20), the Aqeda (Gen 22), Ruth, Psalms 8, 23, 150, Prov 3:1-8, and the Sh’ma (Deu 6:4-9). Special training recordings prepare a student to understand whole chapters when read at normal speeds.  Finally, footnotes provide information on the structure of the language that increase the student’s sensitivities to its nuances.

The accent systems of Hebrew are introduced. Selected Readings also contains an extensive chapter on the “Hebrew Verb” presenting the full scope of the functions of the Hebrew tense-aspect-mood system.

Note: This books is an ideal companion to any second year program that seeks to move beyond analysis of the language in order to emphasize quick and fluent reading of the Hebrew Bible.  Even on its own, Selected Readings can be used as a reader to enable students to interact with longer texts in less time than if they had to do so with the help of lexicons.  This is key, since being able to interact with as much text as possible, both visually and aurally, is a necessary component for an efficient internalizing the language.

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