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The Biblical Language Center believes that speaking and thinking in a language is crucial for biblical language fluency.  Second Language Acquisition studies have shown that speaking a language is a catalyst for truly internalizing a language.  BLC Fluency Workshops work on skills necessary for efficiently applying Communicative Language Teaching methods to the classroom. Our workshops run “immersion” style with the entire day taking place in Koine Greek or Biblical Hebrew.  Both full group sessions and small groups led by a team of facilitators provide maximum personal attention and practice.

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Although no fluency workshops are currently scheduled for 2018, we will have an intensive language immersion course in Hebrew in the summer (and there are various Live Video Classes available periodically throughout the year). Though this is a beginning level course, more advanced students as well as professors who have taken it in the past have found it a most effective way to develop the oral fluency necessary for implementing the latest pedagogies in second language acquisition.  Additionally, they report that seeing the pedagogies in action has proven to be a huge benefit, if not indispensable, for learning how to implement communicative language instruction in their own classrooms. We encourage anyone with such goals to register for a summer courses.
Since 2010 the Biblical Language Center has led Fluency Workshops for Koine Greek in Israel and Fresno, California.
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