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We’ve improved our already successful beginner’s courses in Hebrew and Greek and made them available online, for an even more efficient – and we think more fun – learning experience.  And for a limited time, enjoy a special discounted launch price.

A Method that Works for Anybody

BLC’s “Living Biblical Languages” approach incorporates best practices for language learning, making learning Hebrew and Greek easier, more efficient, and accessible to all ages. See WHY IT WORKS and read WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING.

Now Available!
Aramaic from Biblical Language Center

BLC is excited to offer its first Aramaic course, Living Christian Aramaic: Introduction Part One. Click here to read more about this exciting new product.

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New Download Options Available!

We are pleased to announce that you can now save on shipping time and costs by downloading Living Biblical Hebrew: Introduction Part Two, and Living Koine Greek: Introduction Part Two  rather than having book(s) and CD(s) shipped to you. These PDF and audio files are available immediately upon completing the purchase.

Through the main shop page, you will also find downloadable versions of the Part One & Two sets and other supplementary materials.

Note: Download links are associated to your email address and are accessible anytime.  You will be required to provide your email address to open the downloaded files.