Learn 20 biblical Hebrew words effortlessly in under 10 minutes – without ever seeing their translation into English!

That’s right!

After the introduction screens in the video below, you will see a series of pictures accompanied by audio, in biblical Hebrew, that describes what you are seeing. Don’t worry, it begins very simply so that even a child can follow. First you will hear the number of the picture (we will soon have another demo that teaches the numbers in Hebrew), followed by the description of what you are looking at, repeated twice. Just follow along and you will automatically begin learning.


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This is a video version of the book Living Biblical Hebrew, Introduction Part One. In the book, your eyes move from one picture to the next while listening to the audio, but the concept is exactly the same. By the end of Living Biblical Hebrew, Introduction Part One, you will have already learned over 230 lexical items and over 700 different forms – all as effortlessly and as easily as in this first chapter.

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