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Dr. Randall Buth, together with his wife Margret, has led a life dedicated to the study of God’s word. In 1974 his pursuit to understand the original context of scripture led him to Israel for training in biblical languages and historical geography. From there he went on to sub-Saharan Africa where he would spend nearly twenty years as a Bible translator/consultant pouring his biblical background into dozens of translation projects both for Wycliffe Bible Translators and United Bible Societies.

In 1987 on a home leave he earned a PhD in Semitic languages from UCLA where he studied under Stanislav Segert. Randall returned to Africa to continue his work in Bible translation all the while becoming a recognized voice in the academic field of biblical studies, linguistics, and discourse analysis.

Then in 1996 Randall and Margret moved to Israel to begin developing new curriculum and classroom methodologies for teaching biblical languages. Drawing on his combined knowledge of linguistics, biblical studies, and translation experience, he developed the Living Biblical Languages, becoming the first to adapt methods for learning a second language to the study of biblical languages.

His pioneering work in the field has been an inspirational force for both the democratization and deepening of the study of biblical languages. His materials are not only more effective but are easy and fun, making them appropriate for a large range of ages and abilities. At the same time, his materials allow for higher levels of proficiency by planting the language inside the learner as a living language.

Randall and Margret currently reside in Israel where he continues to develop resources and refine methodology for the study of the biblical languages. He also travels internationally offering his expertise in a variety of venues and programs.