Randall Buth

Introduction Part One (compare the Foundations online course)

Part One starts at an absolute beginning level and leads a student into thinking in the language right from the start.  It uses 1000 pictures with accompanying audio tracks to provide an immersion environment for learning Biblical Hebrew.  The pictures are described in Biblical Hebrew beginning with simple words, before progressing to phrases, full sentences, and eventually short story sequences, all in the language.  In this way, the student is exposed to the breadth of the language (including singular and plural nouns, participles, qatal, wayyiqtol, imperative, number and gender concord, 235 lexical items and 705 forms).

Note: Part One is highly recommend both for beginning students in any program as a complement to whatever curriculum they are using, and also for more advanced students, even instructors, who have never experienced or practiced thinking directly in the language.

Part One also teaches the alphabet through listening discovery, introduces the writing system, and has a section summarizing the grammar. All the descriptions of the 1000 pictures are transcribed in fully vocalized Biblical Hebrew so that a student learns to correctly spell what they have already learned to understand.

Introduction Part One is the recommended prerequisite to Living Biblical Hebrew, Introduction Part 2

To purchase this together with Living Biblical Hebrew, Introduction Part 2, see Living Biblical Hebrew (Set) options.

Introduction Part One is also available on CD or via download in mp4 and pdf format, so you can now experience the effectiveness of Part One’s 1000 pictures without the book. This version of Part One includes the same audio and visual material in mp4 format that plays on iPod™ and other mp4 players. Along with the benefit of extra portability, this version has the enhanced feature of automatic answers for the quizzes and alphabet lists. So there’s no more flipping pages to correct yourself. Plus all other resource materials found in the book, like the grammar summaries and writing system overview, are included as pdf files. Whether on your computer or other hand held devices, now you can study Biblical Hebrew wherever you go.

To see how you can learn twenty vocabulary items in under 10 mns almost effortlessly, see our Hebrew Demo Lesson which is the first lesson of this CD.

Please note that the downloadable files are registered to a single-user for personal use and are not for distribution.