A Greek Morphology answers a practical need for those wanting to write and even speak Koine Greek with each other. The common verbs and nouns of Greek are highly irregular and need much reinforcement and usage before a person can produce them automatically. Here is a great tool for students and teachers alike who want to begin to mimic fluent production and to move head knowledge into a usable and practical language.

“I wonder how they would actually say that in Greek?”

I am sure that some students of Greek taught using traditional methods have asked that question. However, for both students and teachers of Greek, who use communicative methods of learning and teaching, this is a commonly asked question. Randall Buth’s A Greek Morphology is the best fulfillment of this need.

  • The range of vocabulary includes all NT verbs used more than 50 times, but the list is not limited here.
  • Many expressions of common actions that would have been used in everyday conversation, but may be rare in the NT are also included. This allows for a wide range of acting out in group situations.
  • All the forms have been researched to reflect genuine Koiné period usage. Sometimes the verb charts in the standard grammars are technically correct, but not truly colloquial for the Koiné period.
  • Many paradigms are given for all the persons, including a number of 3rd person imperatives! This means that users no longer have to figure out (or guess) what a precise form will be based on morphology rules; instead, they can easily find the form they need and begin using it.
  • Verb tables are arranged in a unique order, namely, by the aorist infinitive. This is the default tense, so it just makes sense to learn it first.
  • There is a complete morphology summary at the end of the book that gives complete paradigms for all moods, tenses, voices, genders, cases, persons, and numbers. The charts include nominals as well as verbals.

There are still many things to learn in order to speak idiomatically, but getting the verbs down is foundational. Both teachers and students can use this μορφολογία to figure out how to tell and write stories. Mastering words is a slow process. This book eases the pain and increases accuracy, and regular consultation will prove rewarding.
μανθάνωμεν τὴν ἑλληνικήν!

Dr. Lee Fields, Professor of Bible and Theology,
Chair, Department of Biblical Studies,
Mid-Atlantic Christian University

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