Living Biblical Hebrew: Jonah (beta), for class use

Randall Buth
Brian Schultz
Scott McQuinn
Benjamin P. Kantor

Powerful Online Learning

BLC Online is pleased to present Living Biblical Hebrew: Jonah (beta). This course is packed with new educational material for an even more effective learning experience delivered online, right to your students. It is designed to follow BLC’s Living Biblical Hebrew: Foundations. Teachers electing to use this online curriculum will gain access to additional assessments with the ability to track grades online and, to the available portions of the Teacher’s Manual as it is developed. To request a virtual desk copy and discuss pricing, contact us at

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For Instructors (Not a teacher? Click here for our retail Jonah course.)

Avail yourself of the benefits of this online product by using it in your classes instead of a print textbook by requesting a dedicated course arrangement. This will include all the online course content, plus teacher’s manual and gradebook features, and be accessible by you and your students only. Instead of purchasing the textbook, students will purchase access to Living Biblical Hebrew: Jonah (beta) with the full suite of features and resources described above. Track your students’ progress and export their results on all self-graded homework and quizzes, and more.

No time to write? Send along your email and we'll contact
you about your interest in Living Biblical Hebrew: Jonah.

An Immersive Language Experience

Living Biblical Hebrew: Jonah (beta) is designed to expose students to the language in meaningful, communicative contexts, speeding up the internalization of biblical Hebrew. Unlike recordings of vocabulary lists and verb paradigms, and unlike written grammar drills that simply ask you to fill out specific forms, which are all unnatural communication contexts, Living Biblical Hebrew’s content keeps you immersed in the language in real communicative contexts, providing the comprehensible input necessary for reaching reading fluency. This invaluable material is built around engaging dialogues based on the biblical text of Jonah, and includes almost 15 hours of audio, and dozens of written drills and assessments (detailed below), all in biblical Hebrew.

Because we know that aural exposure to the language is absolutely necessary for the internalization of biblical Hebrew and fluent reading, the 300-plus audio tracks are an integral part of our curriculum, not an optional extra at an additional cost. Jonah also contains a full explanation of Biblical Hebrew’s morphology and syntax. Further, there are extensive footnotes throughout that deal with the development of the language and the stylistic functions of Biblical Hebrew structures, many of which are typically only covered in advanced grammar books.


Living Biblical Hebrew: Jonah (beta) includes the following features:

  • Dialogue Videos: In addition to the audio of each dialogue, there are ten videos demonstrating the performance of the memorization dialogues.
  • Comprehension Questions Audio: An hour and a half of audio providing simple comprehension questions and answers all in biblical Hebrew on all the narrative portions of the text of Jonah, ensuring that learners understand each clause, and providing invaluable Comprehensible Input for increased listening and reading fluency. (~1.5 hrs)
  • TPRS Audio: Based on Blaine Ray’s pedagogy of Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS), nearly an hour and a half of audio recordings covering all of the narrative portions of the book of Jonah, asking simple questions that you are expected to answer orally. In addition to providing comprehensible input, these give you the opportunity to articulate answers in the language in order to inductively internalize its grammar rules. Being in an aural/oral format enables the you to process exponentially more language than you would be able to in written format, speeding up internalization. (~1.5 hrs)
  • Thematic Verb Audio: Each clause containing a thematic verb (vayyiqtol) in the book of Jonah is read outloud, followed by the same clause read with its verb in the simple past tense (qatal). Juxtaposing the two forms aurally in this way allows you to automatically associate and internalize them together without needing to decipher or parse the verbs. (~ 10 min)
  • Vocabulary Stories: A dozen non-biblical stories in written and audio format, introducing the new vocabulary you will encounter in the selections from the book of Jonah at the end of each chapter of Living Biblical Hebrew: Jonah (beta). The fact that they are non-biblical stories not only provides the vocabulary and grammar constructions of the book of Jonah in a different context, but gives you the opportunity to test your comprehension of biblical Hebrew when unaided by any prior knowledge you may have of the biblical text in your native language. (~ 20 min)
  • Grammar Drills: Audio and written grammar drills, entirely in biblical Hebrew, used for homework to raise your language awareness in meaningful contexts. Further, these drills are self-grading, allowing you to work through the material until you can comprehend it fully and answer each question correctly, all in Hebrew.
  • Assessment Reading Questions: Self-grading reading quizzes on both the Jonah portions and the Vocabulary Stories testing your reading comprehension via multiple choice questions in biblical Hebrew.
  • Assessment Quizzes: At regular intervals there are self-graded assessment quizzes that test, in biblical Hebrew, your progress in the language.

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you about your interest in Living Biblical Hebrew: Jonah.