Enroll for free in BLC’s Living Koiné Greek: Foundations online course!  This gives you free access to the first four of the course’s 24 units.  Try it now for free.  If you like it, you can then purchase access to the other 20 units.

How to enroll:  Click “ADD TO CART” (above) and proceed to checkout.  If you have not purchased an online course from us before, an email will be sent to you within a few hours with your username and a temporary password (that you will be asked to change on your first login), together with the URL where you will be able to access the trial version.

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This online course has all of the content of Living Koine Greek: Introduction Part One in PDF and MP4 video format divided into 24 lessons or units, plus the following:

  1. An additional 10 training videos to learn how to read Koine Greek.  These videos are unique to this online course and are not available for sale either independently or part of other BLC material.
  2. Practice quizzes for all 24 units.  These quizzes are randomly generated from a bank of questions so that each time one takes the quiz, the set of questions is different.  One can take these quizzes as often as one wishes and they are automatically graded so one can immediately gage progress.

Online and More Powerful

The Biblical Language Center’s self-study curriculum is now available as an online course.  The effectiveness of its Living Koine Greek, Introduction Part One has been incorporated into a powerful learning tool to help you learn the biblical languages even more efficiently than before.

Really Learn.

The Living Biblical Languages curriculum is an approach to learning the biblical languages in a way that fits the way your brain is wired to learn languages.  Right from the beginning it immerses you in the language to make it more effective and enjoyable, with phenomenal sticking power so you can remember what you have learned.  It provides the foundation for fluent reading of the Bible that bypasses the need for translation.

New and improved!

The online courses have all of the content of the book or MP4 versions of “Living Koine Greek”, but with the following new features:

  • The picture lessons and alphabet lessons are interspersed throughout the course for timely progress toward reading.
  • Ten videos for Greek have been reworked and added to the others of the MP4 version to better teach reading.
  • The course is divided into 24 units that can be reviewed as often as needed.
  • All units include a practice quiz to help you track your progress better.
  • Practice quiz questions are randomly generated so you never retake the same quiz twice.
  • Practice quizzes are automatically graded and reviewable so you can check yourself.

Three formats:

The Biblical Language Center now offers its introductory course in three formats: Hardcopy book, MP4 version, and online.  See the chart below for the differences between the three:

Printed books MP4 version ONLINE
Full immersion yes yes yes
Additional reference materials yes yes yes
Sequenced learning yes yes improved
Video lessons no yes yes
Reading lesson videos none 12 32 (Hebrew)
22 (Greek)
Number of Practice quizzes 5 5 24
New quiz generated for retakes no no yes
Self-graded quizzes no no yes
Grade report available no no yes


Note: This is a beta release of the Biblical Language Center online courses.  They utilize the Moodle platform but do not yet work on Moodle’s mobile app.  The courses work best on computer screens, not yet on mobile devices, though we are working to resolve that.  In spite of all our testing, there may still be small glitches.  Thank you for your patience as we customize the Moodle platform to best meet the needs of our courses and give you the best learning experience possible.