Did you know that using BLC materials to learn the biblical languages or attending our immersion courses is proven to help stave off Alzheimer and dementia?  OK, OK…  it’s not just BLC materials and courses, but any language learning.

A recent study by Ellen Bialystok, a psychology professor at York University in Toronto, showed that multi linguals are able to stave off Alzheimer longer.  Additionally, another study suggested that the more languages one knows, the less likely one is to develop cognitive problems.  (For the full article, see  here.)

Nor is it ever too late to begin studying a new language, as the article points out:

What about those of us who weren’t lucky enough to learn two languages in infancy? Experts say there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic. Some of the cognitive benefits of learning another language still apply even when the language is learned in mid-life or later — and even if you never achieve fluency. The idea is just to keep your brain active.

So, unless you have a specific country you plan to visit, what better languages to learn than the biblical ones?  Yeah, we couldn’t think of any either.