Sample Greek Lesson

A Sample Lesson from our “Living Koine Greek” Course

“Below is a condensed sample lesson to show how the system of “Living Koine Greek” is able to work, using Ancient Greek itself to teach Greek.

You will need a sound card and RealMedia Basic or RealMedia Player installed to listen to the sample lesson below. To test whether you your computer is already capable of playing the sound files you can click on our friend to the right.

If your computer is currently sufficiently configured you will hear a the Greek word for “man”. If not, you can download a free copy of RealMedia Basic by clicking this link and following the instructions: download Real Media

Please note: This mini-demo is provided at a lower quality than the actual MP3 quality used with Volume One. Also, the condensed format does not provide for the easy development that takes place in the full lessons. However, it would seem good to give an idea over the internet of how this system is able to work so well.

For Notes on the Pronunciation System of Phonemic Koine Greek, click hereSee also: Seikilos Song

Instructions for the sample lesson:

  1. Click on the pictures below and listen to the Greek description as it is spoken  twice.  Just listen without repeating anything.
  2. Assume that the jumble of new sounds is an appropriate statement for the picture. The picture is refering to “a part” of the meaning of what is being spoken.
  3. You may click the same picture one more time before going on to the next picture. This is an accomodation to the
    internet to save downloading more pictures and voice descriptions. (In the full course, a picture lesson will run on a continuous audio track that does not need interaction and continues for 100-picture lessons.)
  4. Continue through all 15 pictures without stoping to ask questions about any one picture. You are not expected to understand every detail at the beginning but are only expected to perceive an approximate, general meaning. Words and structures in a language require many pictures and sayings in different situations before the precise
    Greek meanings and relationships becomes clear.
    The full program is easy, intuitive and fun, and it comes with CD quality.  The student listens to the MP3 while looking at the book. With this approach the meanings are being painted and overlayed inside a student so that they begin to experience what it means to relate to the world in Greek. Telling you about this in English cannot substitute for the Greek experience itself.

(This picture system was developed by Harris Winitz for “the Learnables” modern language series and has been successfully applied followed by students for 25 years.)

The full course of Living Koine Greek for Everyone has over three hours of audio material on an MP3 CD.